Being More Me

– Pre-teen girls’ course

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

Joseph Campbell

Being fully ourselves is a challenge in a world that tells us what we need to be to be accepted: beautiful, active, clever, capable. We all have a craving to belong and as we move through childhood into our teens this can seem increasingly more confusing.

Of course we are perfectly imperfect as we are, yet believing this whilst navigating through the inevitable challenges of life (school, friendships, social media, family dynamics) can be destabilising.

This course aims to support young girls, or any young person identifying as female, to find some inner strength and develop tools for self-expression, self-reflection and self-confidence in a fun group environment. They will get a chance to explore what it might mean to be their own best friend; to be comfortable in being fully themselves. 

The course for 11-13 year olds will run over six weeks and will be a combination of meditation, mindfulness, self-compassion practice and working directly with self-criticism (what we refer to as the Inner Critic). Sessions will be fun and interactive, incorporating movement, art activities and sensory play. A wonderful place to make new friends and make new discoveries!

Course details

Learning how to be self-aware and self-compassionate is an inspiring journey towards transforming your relationship with yourself: The most important relationship you will ever have

Next course: 6 Tuesdays starting 16th May, 4:30-5:30pm

at All Saints Hall, 113 Noble St, Newtown. 

Numbers will be limited to 12. Links to meditations and a journal will be provided.

You will learn
  • Creative and fun ways to explore your imagination, thoughts and feelings.
  • A number of short, easy to learn mini-meditations that you can use anytime and anywhere to help you work with anxiety and bring you back to balance
  • Exercises to help you to better understand and even befriend your inner critic – the voice that says you’re not good enough.
  • New, healthy ways of relating to and processing difficult emotions.
  • Meditations to generate kindness for yourself and others
  • A number of playful and creative ways to support you in unhooking from unhelpful stories you tell about yourself.
  • Journalling prompts for independent self-reflection

Presented through a combination of meditation, mindfulness exercises, art activities, journalling, theory and group discussion in a friendly, supportive and fun group environment.

Is this course right for me/my child?

Experiencing feelings of anxiety and overwhelm?  It’s common to experience periods of anxiety and overwhelm. As well as normalise some of these experiences, we will explore various techniques for working with uncomfortable emotions and settling the nervous system.

Are friendships are sometimes confusing?  We experience many emotions in relationship with others; friends, family, fellow students at school. The course will address the different ways of communicat our feelings in relationships.


Self-critical or perfectionistic?  Are you (is your child) self-critical? Self-criticism can stifle our progress and protect us from taking risks. Greater self-awareness and self-compassion – the practice of learning to accept and care for ourselves – can help unhook us from these thoughts. We will explore self-criticism and develop self-compassion through art activities, discussion and meditation.


Would you like to be more confident?  Often children are told to be more confident but yet have no idea how to achieve this. By getting to know and appreciate their inner life – the imagination, thoughts and feelings –  they may find an increase in appreciation for themselves and their unique gifts.


Are you/your child interested in attending? Number one is that your child will need to be somewhat interested in learning about themselves and learning new skills for working with their emotions. Much as we might want buy in, if there’s more resistance than interest then your child is unlikely to benefit.


This is not therapy Although there is the potential for the course to be therapeutic its primary purpose is to develop some skills and inner resilience through the activities and concepts we cover. This makes it a powerful adjunct to therapy but not a replacement for it.

My child is uncomfortable in a group setting One of the aims of the course is to help alleviate the common, and perfectly normal, experience of being uncomfortable in a group. Sensitivity will be used in relation to social anxiety, and much of what we do will be invitational rather than imposed.


My child is 10 (or 14) can they still attend? For this current run of the course the age range is 11-13. Developmentally there is a huge difference between these ages and so, at this stage, the course is limited to this age group.


Please note that future courses for older children may run later in the year. If you’d like to express an interest in hearing about these please email

More questions? If you have other questions do get in touch:, 0459 625 110.

Teacher & approach

Your facilitator will be meditation teacher, addiction recovery coach and training psychotherapist, Beth Milner.

Beth shares mindfulness and self-compassion practices with a loving, modern, thought and emotion friendly flavour to support you in feeling more at home in yourself and in your life. She aims to inspire curiosity, wonder and exploration through her teaching and guidance.

Beth is an accredited meditation teacher and member of the Meditation Association of Australia. She is also a former primary school teacher and certified children’s yoga teacher with experience of working with younger people.

Beth believes one of the most powerful aspects of her teaching is her openness, sharing examples from her own life as well as carefully creating a safe space for others to explore their own inner life with compassion.

She is mother of two primary aged children, a lover of music, sunsets, art, dancing and good conversation.

Pricing & Booking

The course fee is $165. All prices are per person and are for the six week program and accompanying materials. You can book and pay online via the link below. Payment and parental consent is required prior to the course start date.

 If you’d like more information please contact Beth,, 0459 625 110.