Mindfulness & Personal Development for Men

Unsatisfied, stressed? Not sure who you are or who you’re meant to be underneath the roles you play? Maybe you’re a bit too hard on yourself too.

This course is suitable for you if

  • are a man! (or identify as male)
  • have an interest in developing a meditation habit
  • have an interest in personal development
  • would like some simple tools for managing stress and overwhelm
  • would like to work more skilfully with your uncomfortable emotions such as anger, frustration and anxiety
  • are a bit hard on yourself and would like to cultivate greater self-compassion
  • you are interested in connecting with a supportive group of like-minded others in a context that isn’t work, sport or the pub.
  • are wanting to do something supportive for yourself, your health and your relationships
  • have a sense that life could be more fulfilling
  • want to live a life of greater satisfaction and ease.

I am amazed that by putting aside a few minutes every day to check in with my body, breath and mind I am rewarded with so many benefits. I fall asleep quicker, think more constructively and hold better conversations with those in my life.

Wayne. D.

Course Details

This six week pilot program aims to make the tools and teachings of meditation and mindfulness, emotional agility and self-compassion more easily accessible for men. It also offers a space for men to explore their lives beneath the surface of conventional conversation.

You will learn:

  • the principles of meditation and mindfulness and how to apply them into your daily life
  • a variety of meditations and short mindfulness practices
  • simple breathing techniques and movement to reduce stress and return to balance
  • the principles of self-compassion and how it can enable us to live with greater confidence and courage
  • tools to help you develop a healthier relationship with your troublesome thoughts and emotions
  • how to develop your capacity to tolerate difficult emotions and work more skilfully with them

All delivered in a welcoming, supportive environment in a simple no-fuss style.

Beth taught me to be kinder to myself and just allow my mind to just do what it wanted. From here I was able to relax and enjoy the benefits of a meditative state. I am, and the closest people around me are, certain that this has improved my quality of life.
Chris. B

When: Pilot program starts Tuesday June 8th. Six Tuesdays 7.30-9pm.

Venue: All Saints Hall, Lower Hall, 113 Noble St, Newtown 3220

Investment: $180 for six weeks* 

*Special Pilot price (min $70 saving on future courses)

Includes 6 x 90 minute sessions, course notes, text message tips and guided meditations plus optional 1:1, 30 minute follow up coaching call with Beth within four weeks of course completion.  Book now.

This link takes you to TryBooking. If you’d like more information please contact Beth, beth@geelongmeditationcentre.com.au, 0459 625 110.