Meditation & Mindfulness Coaching

1:1 sessions tailored to your needs

Having trouble meditating? Can’t focus? Get distracted? Too restless or sleepy? Not motivated? Can’t find the time? Discouraged?

These are common problems, and they have simple solutions. Meditation can be a delightful and rewarding practice, but it needs to be customised to your own temperament, personality and needs.

Private coaching allows you to explore and develop your capacity to meditate in a relaxed atmosphere. One-on-one attention provides the time and space to find ways of meditating that work for you. We will also use these sessions to help you develop self-awareness, insight and the capacity to reflect on your experiences in meditation.

Meditation coaching can provide support if you are moving through a life transition, are wanting to develop new ways to work with difficult emotions and address unhelpful behaviours. Coaching can be a supportive adjunct to psychotherapy or counselling.

Coaching is ideal if you:

  • Struggle with meditation
  • Can’t switch off
  • Need help with anxiety, self criticism or overwhelm
  • Need help getting to sleep
  • Need support with managing chronic pain
I loved working with Beth. She has a wonderfully warm nature, and is very relaxed while maintaining focus on results and what you want to achieve in the coaching sessions. She was quick to understand my priorities and goals and help me to gain clarity, perspective and uncover insight about myself. The sessions were a combination of discussion and meditation and I found that Beth was able to guide the meditations to help me have several powerful realizations.  I highly recommend Beth’s 1:1 Meditation and Mindfulness coaching services. 
– Kat. C

Since engaging with Beth as my meditation coach I have learned so many new meditation skills and have gained an awareness and insight into myself that I would not have believed possible 1 year ago. I use the techniques that I have learned throughout my days to enable me to relax and reset myself. Beth has helped me to uncover my personal strengths and has helped me find the courage to be more of my authentic self. Numerous people have commented on the positive change that has occurred in my ability to handle difficulties in my life. I am overall much more at peace with myself.

– Janita. K

Private coaching sessions are with lead teacher and centre director, Beth Milner. Beth is an experienced meditation teacher, registered with the Meditation Association of Australia. She is also a certified coach and training psychotherapist.

Sessions are typically of one hour’s duration and are conducted either online via Zoom or at our consulting room on Mckillop Street. 

The fee for a coaching session is $100/hr. 

To arrange a coaching appointment please email or call 0459 625 110