Cultivating Self-Compassion 

“When you are gentle with yourself, you grow mighty.”

Emily Nagoski

Are there times when you are really hard on yourself? And, at these times, do you feel like you’re just falling short?

If there are then you are not alone. Experiencing self-criticism and self-judgment is surprisingly common and it tends to arise most obviously during some sort of personal challenge or difficulty. You may also experience this as a low level perfectionism or sense of never having or being enough.

Relating to yourself in a harsh way can undermine confidence, create and prolong stress and negativity and prevent you from embracing the life you would love. Thankfully there is another way.

What might it be like to accept, love and encourage yourself like you might a good friend?

Course details

Often hailed as the antidote to shame, self-compassion is something we can develop and once we do we may be surprised at how our life unfolds.

Learning how to be self-compassionate is an inspiring journey towards transforming your relationship with yourself: The most important relationship you will ever have

Next course:  6 Tuesdays starting 1st October, 7-8:30pm, Newtown venue

You will learn
  • The three main components of self-compassion and how to cultivate them
  • A number of short, easy to learn mini-meditations that you can use anytime and anywhere to help bring you back to balance
  • Exercises to help you to better understand, manage and even befriend your inner critical voices
  • Tips for working through a difficult emotional reaction including self-touch and movement practices for nervous system regulation
  • New, healthy ways of relating to and reframing thoughts and emotions.
  • Meditations to generate compassion for yourself and others
  • A number of techniques to support you in unhooking from unhelpful stories you tell about yourself and your life.
  • How to turn self-compassion into self-caring habits and behaviours
  • How to create a daily self-compassion habit that you can action straight away.

Presented to you through a combination of meditation, mindfulness exercises, journalling, theory and group discussion.

For more on what we’ll cover see “What topics do we cover?” section below.

What topics do we cover?

What is self-compassion? Understanding what it is to have a relationship with yourself and how it is possible to improve that relationship through mindful awareness and compassion practice.

Befriending the Inner Critic Most of us have a voice in our heads that can be critical, judgmental and harsh – particularly during difficult times. Here you will get to understand that voice better in a bid to quieten it and even cultivate an inner ally.

Working with Difficult Emotions Emotions can make us come undone whether we habitually ignore them or find they overwhelm us. But it is possible to reframe your emotions so that you can be more attuned to your needs and values, supporting you to take skilful actions in your best interests.

Softening your Stories  Here you will get to examine the way you may be constructing stories about your life that determine your viewpoint. Doing so can give you the power to unhook from tired tales that hold you back and keep you small.

Fierce, courageous, strong self-compassion. Self-compassion is not only soft, soothing and loving but can support us in setting boundaries, protecting our energy and taking action in creating a life we love. When we have our own back and are less afraid of shame and self-criticism, so much more becomes possible for us.


PLUS…After each session you will receive a pdf workbook packed with information, exercises, and useful resources and links to Beth’s guided meditations to complement the course.

BONUS…You can opt to receive text message tips to help you integrate the learning into your daily life.


Teacher & approach

Your facilitator will be meditation teacher and therapist, Beth Milner.

Beth’s approach to meditation is gentle and compassionate. Believing that the practice of meditation should be close to effortless, she aims to inspire curiosity, wonder and exploration through her teaching and guidance. Beth shares mindfulness and self-compassion practices with a loving, modern, thought and emotion friendly flavour to support you in feeling more at home in yourself and in your life.

Beth is an accredited meditation teacher, registered counsellor and member of the Meditation Association of Australia and PACFA (Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation Australia). She incorporates elements from her training in psychotherapy, positive psychology, modern mindfulness, addiction recovery coaching and eastern philosophy into her teaching. Beth completed training with the Mindful Self-Compassion program’s co-creator Christopher Germer in 2017. But she believes one of the most powerful aspects of her teaching is her openness, sharing examples from her own life as well as carefully creating a safe space for others to explore their own inner life with compassion.

She is mother of two – plus a dog, cat and two rabbits! – a lover of music, sunsets and good conversation. Originally from the UK she loves living in the beautiful Geelong region with her family. You can find out more about Beth on her website.

Pricing & Booking

Tickets for the course are $290 full price. We also offer a concession rate of $260. 

All prices are per person and are for the six week program and accompanying notes and text message tips. You can book and pay online via the link below. Payment is required prior to the course start date.

If you are at a stage in your life where you want things to be different, this is definitely the course to engage in. It has been transformational.


I absolutely loved the course. I have noticed a difference in my anxiety and I find it much easier to observe my thoughts, be kinder to myself and treat situations with curiosity.

My heart is grateful that the universe guided me to this class. You have been truly inspiring. You have such a kind, authentic and warm presence within you. I am truly grateful for your dedication to helping others. Thank you Beth.


Attending Beth’s Cultivating Self-Compassion course was my favourite night of the week. Beth created a safe and inclusive space for everyone to feel seen and heard. She shared a wide variety of invaluable exercises and resources which I still refer to. Beth has a very warm, graceful and friendly presence and her devotion to helping others be a better friend to themselves is a true gift. Thank you Beth!


The Cultivating Self-Compassion course was a great gift that I gave to myself. There’s a nice mix of presentation, guided meditation, and group participation. Beth openly shares her knowledge and experiences and creates a safe environment where people in the group are also happy to share. There is also some great supporting written material and mindfulness recordings which I regularly listen to.

I am using the knowledge and skills I have gained from this course to be much kinder to myself.


Once upon a time I had a voice in my head
If you are human you have one too 
The more I listened to this voice the stronger and louder it became 
The voice gave me presents 
Anxiety, low self esteem, guilt , shame 
The voice has a name -The Inner Critic 
Through meditation and self compassion I learnt to recognise the voice and ways to challenge it
The voice is still there but I don’t accept presents from it anymore. Thank you Beth.


 If you’d like more information please contact Beth,, 0459 625 110.